July 11 2014

As you probably guessed, I turn 40 today. Not sure if I should look at this as an accomplishment or milestone or a warning - but it's a good day. No longer 'a kid' - but still 'the kid' to many.

With June being such a rough month for me, and this June being even harder, this July is special. That number '40' I was never sure I would make. But at 40, I find contentment with who I am. I have a great family, especially those closest. Wonderful friends. Awesome coworkers. I am part of many wonderful communities - IBM, Shacknews, YRs, Chicago. I find myself happy with the man I have become. Confident in my abilities. Proud of my accomplishments. Challenged by my work. A real future to strive for.

I accept that I am emotional. Layered. Complex. Passionate. Focused. Driven. It has taken many events in the past year for me to embrace all of those words. They are who I am. I no longer shrink from being called any of them. I stand proudly and own them. Life is about accepting who you are. Who matters in your life. Finding your inspiration. Surrounding yourself with those who have immeasurable impact on your life. I am happy to have found those that accept me, protect me, and make me happy. To all of you - thank you for your love and support. Every day I work to return it.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I can continue to share for another 10 years - a decade - and then some.

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  1. 1) Melissa says:

    Thank you! I needed to read that third paragraph today. It's advice I hope to emulate soon.

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