5 most addicitive computer games of all time

August 24 2007

So MSNBC has an article about the 5 most addicitive computer games ...

  • World of Warcraft
  • Everquest
  • Peggle
  • Doom
  • Tetris

I was so addicted to Doom (and Quake) that I basically blew off college. WoW, well, I think readers here already know about my self exile to detox from what is known best as World of CrackCraft.

4 Responses to “5 most addicitive computer games of all time”

  1. 1) Carl Tyler says:

    What about Price of Persia and Wolfenstein 3D?

  2. 2) John Head says:

    neither of those games caused people to flunk college, be fired, have marriages fail, or die (in the case of WoW) like those 5 Carl ...

  3. 3) Denis Wittebrood says:

    My name is Denis, and I'm a recovering Addict..

    For me, Larry was definitely the one that got me hooked/addicted in the first place, and made me eh.. rearrange my life's priorities... Alive at night, asleep at school ;-) Than all sorts of others filled the void of completing a Larry episode (space quest, kings quest, manhunter, and yes, also prince of persia and wolfenstein) Logical development of a serious addiction is that you want more to get your kicks.. Doom was the one that got me into real trouble, hehe.. I had to quit at that point in time, only to get back into gaming with Age of Empires. My life consisted of getting those 8 hours at work done and over with, and than as fast as possible get seated and control the civilizations throughout the ages. For a good 3 years, that game managed to keep me satisfied ;) A short dry-spell, and than an online game called Utopia: no fancy graphics, just numbers and updates every hour. Thousands of people part of their kingdom, trying to be the best: Me, setting the alarm, to ensure that "the troops" can be send out again the minute they return.. I guess that's what we call addiction.. *sigh*

    I've been without a real game addiction for 1460 days, although I must admit, I had my weak moments, in which I lapsed into a week of indulgences, hehe

    I dare not create an account for World of Warcraft, as I know my life on planet earth will seize to exist, hehe ;-)

  4. 4) Debbie says:

    I downloaded Tetris to my cell phone. :P Definitely a BAD idea if I didn't want to be playing every day for long periods of time. :)

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