7.0.2 is out ... with lots of goodies

October 4 2006

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7.0.2 is out! You can download it via Passport Advantage of the Business Partner download areas (hint ... don't mess with finding it in any other way except searching on text "7.0.2" ... finds it right away).

7.0.2 brings us the Innovation Pack. Lots of people have written about the various pieces, so I will just link to them:

  • Lotus Notes Nomad - take your Notes client with you via USB Stick - More by Declan Lynch
  • Lotus Notes RSS Feed Generator - More info by Bruce Elgort (this is a great write up by Bruce ... good tone, converage of features ... nice work)
  • Lotus Notes iCalendar Importing - More info by Bruce Elgort (link will show up once Bruce posts this on his site!)
  • The IBM Blog Template

The IBM Blog template is based on the work that Steve Castledine did with Dominoblog. Since this blog and Ed Brill Alan Lepofsky Chris Pepin and Adam Gartenberg are based on DominoBlog, it is hard not to be a fan. Jeff Eisen 's site is based on the IBM Blog, being the first public site to do so. I also have my first customer site running it:


talk about easy to add a mast head and change the colors. Nice work Steve! Another public blog is coming based on the 7.0.2 template ... I think you will find it appropriate when you see the announcement :)

As for upgrading the other sites on the PSC blog server, that is undetermined. I will let each owner decide what they want to do. So far, I have found that the following features in DominoBlog 3.0.2 are not present in the IBM Blog 7.0.2
  • The LotusScript and Formula Blocks ... I assume since this was written by others besides Steve it could not be included
  • The fancy Web editor ... again, probably for legal issues ... but rumors of other options should provide this functionality back.
  • The fancier features of DominoBlog that allowed for a more content management solutions vs blog

Overall, I think the new features are great. I am using the RSS feed database to publish my Notes calendar securely to Google Calendar. I have also imported the entire Chicago Bears calendar in one step ... nice feature.

7.0.2 is a great MR release ... install it now! Time for lunch ... maybe Burger King today

5 Responses to “7.0.2 is out ... with lots of goodies”

  1. 1) Ben Poole says:

    Bruce posted about iCalendar a couple of days ago!

    { Link }

  2. 2) Ben Poole says:

    BTW, your link to Jeff's blog is broken. Should be { Link }

  3. 3) John Head says:

    is that I find vowe.net to be blocked by many of the content control software packages used by many companies, many government offices, and all libraries in the US. Now, Freedom of Speech is a great thing, and Volker can post whatever he wants, but his pictures and nautghy words in the blog entries gets his site blocked by their crawlers. I just want to make sure that small group that read my site can get to the links.

  4. 4) Ben Poole says:

    Wow, ALL libraries in the US? That's a poor show.

  5. 5) The Unofficial Poster Child For Lotus Notes and Domino says:

    My new BLOG is based on the 7.0.2 template - no customization.... yet!

    You can check it out at { Link }


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