Features I would like to see Orangatame Software add to Twitterberry

January 3 2009

Image:Features I would like to see Orangatame Software add to Twitterberry

After using Twitterberry 0.8 on my Blackberry Bold for about 2 months, I must say it is the killer app on the device right now. But after 8 weeks of use, I have a wish list. I would like to see the following added:

1. Add a retweet feature like twhirl from any open tweet or from the lists
2. The ability to open a user's stream from their name - make all @ names live links
3. From any user's stream an option to open their profile. The only way I can get to the profile now is from the users list
4. A way to see the waiting for approval list of user's requesting access to my twitter stream. I keep my stream as approval required and it would be great to do this from the BB
5. Allow me to do a direct message to someone without opening a tweet from them or their profile first. manual typing of name is a start, but type ahead of @ name would be perfect
6. Some level of searching. Not sure which service is best but basic searching would be great.

TwitPic integration is great. Integration into the pictures software send menu is perfect. I would like to see that taken farther:

1. Add a tweet option to any browser page and tweet it using a tinyurl service of some kind.
2. Integrate video in some manner like TwitPic.

I think with these additions my use of twhirl and the twitter web page would be very minimal. Orangatame Software, pretty please :-) Thanks.