Advisor Day 1

August 28 2006

note - this is stream of typing ... but good stuff :)

Lotus Keynote - Mike Rhodin and Ron Sebastian

cross section of invention and insight

Document / Artifact Centric

Lotus Domino
Lotus "Shanghai" - Collaborative document management and team services
Websphere Portal

Workplace Branding = Workplace is the brand for overall strategy, products in that space without the Workplace name

People Centric

Lotus Sametime

Community Centric

Lotus "Ventura" - Social networking services

Lotus Ventura

empowers organizations to discover, share & access to the knowledge of communities to accelerate business execution & amplify innovation

next generation of Activity centric model ... Web 2.0, standards based

"Dogear" - social bookmarking , like del.cio.ous
adds icon to browser tray
allows you to tag the page, also displays in the list who has dogeared the page
ajax dialog - allows for title, tag, description, url, private
can search via tags ... tags get bigger and bolder as more people use the tag
look at who tagged things ...
can subscribe to tags or people
looks like rss enabled
looks chat enabled

Activities - Web interface - very ajax/dhtml ui ... dynamic and fast
Anything can be stored in a thread of things you do
extenstions for browsers, notes, offices, sametime
its all pointers .. points to orginal object
looks rss/atom and chat enabled
"powered by websphere on redhat4"

horizontal linking across existing tools ... working in the context of the work you have to do, not the the context of the tools you have

more revealed about Ventura over the fall and LS07


Sametime 7.5 - Real-Time Business

RTC gateway will allow people to integrate their own networks ... not just the big public ones
Gateway will act as a firewall for IM ... allows company to control what real-time goes in and out of the company


  • Google Maps mashup based on ST 7.5 location info
  • SAP latest sales
  • sales data per person - web service - even showed a app updating the data, info refreshed in the ST plugin
  • Activities ...

- composite application & integration services
"Workplace advances added to Portal"
Portal 6 just shipped
look and feel looks more like wse, lots of drag out windows
Launch button - is the launch button now an IBM standard?
My databases - get any notes database into portal without modifacation, adds a notes viewer (web ui)
Document Manager - now based on the Workplace Documents technology - 137 files supported for viewing
- integrated into explorer, much like ILDDM Desktop Enabler
Executive Dashboards - based on BowStreet Data - all web services based
Template Library - Workplace Application Model added
UI is much cleaner, lots of ajax/dhtml ui and menus
User can modify pages with drag and drop of portlets

Workplace - IBM front end stragey for SOA
Workplace products merged into Portal

Lotus Shanghai

Federate Team Workplaces, DM, forms, Learning
Provide a complete set of document & team services
- Collaborative COntent Services
- Ad-hoc, Informal Collaboration
- Structured Team Workplaces w/ workflows
Flexible UI interaction - standalone, portal, windows, office, Notes, Sametime
Integrated Collaborative DM services
Support multiple repositories - QP, ILDDM, IBM JCR (standards based like Portal, Workplace Documents), Non-IBM - SP
services to allow interaction from multiple clients

Linux Client
Showed the Mac Client - Integrated IM
- Dialogs have mac look and feel
- chat window is active like the windows client
- showed the rss feed database - discussion db with mp3 attachments - displaying in itunes as a podcast feed "iTunes client for domino" - got a big laugh

Consistant Architecture around Lose Coupling

Hannover - Notes 8 Beta

Side bar pieces can now be floated
Showed new UI for the IPE ... side bar panel like Mac Office

Workplace Solutions will continue to have the WOrkplace Name (Business Control & reporting, Business Strategy Execution, etc)

Notes SAP solutions may be extended to the 6.5 version/customers