Apple WWDC 2007 - Games Invade!

June 11 2007

So today Apple kicked off WWDC07, otherwise known as the World Wide Developers Conference. As usual, Steve kicked it off with one of his presentations. Yes, he introduced the feature set for 10.5 aka Leopard. He also talked about Web 2.0 on the iPhone. We also go Safari for Windows. But more importantly, Steve was joined by lots of gaming news!

  • EA recommitted to the Mac platform and talked about games coming to the Mac. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Madden 08, and Battlefield.
  • John Carmack was on stage to talk about the new id Software engine technology, called id Tech 5, and give a demo. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW
  • I can not find any screenshots, but rumor is that Spaces, the virtual screen feature, was shown with World of Warcraft in one of the screens. I wonder if Steve plays a mage :-)

My two favorite images:



Read more at Engadget here.

Interesting times over at Apple. And I can not wait for E3 to hear about the new id game and engine!