Billy "Wicked" Wilson Dead at 33

March 15 2005

Wow ... I do not know what to say here. Bill "Wicked" Wilson, the founder of and the Original founder of VoodooExtreme (now part of IGN Insider) passed away this morning. He leaves behind his son, Dax, and ex-wife Aimee.

Billy was one of the originals in the world of computer and console game news on the web. VoodooExtreme was brash, over the top, and rubbed many people the wrong way. But Billy did it with style and class, and helped turn the gaming web sites into legitimate journalism.

I met Billy once, but he would not remember me. I can not call him a friend, but I watched his sites and career over the past few years. He was 33, just a few years older than I am. Just hits you hard. You can read some other stories about Billy here and here.

Billy, you are in a better place. Rest in Peace.