Blogging from Enterprise 2.0 - Microsoft Social Computing (SharePoint) Panel

June 16 2010

Here are the notes I took from the panel "Enterprise 2.0, Real World Edition: Microsoft customers and partners sharing real world stories and advice" yesterday at Enterprise 2.0:

Christian Finn
Director of Product Management
Microsoft Corporation
Dan Pontefract - TELUS
Brad Bagley - World Vision Canada
Brian Kellner - Newsgator
Eric Raarup - Intetium
Andy McLoughlin - Huddle
Shannon Ryan - non-linear creations inc.
Chris Slemp - Microsoft - internal program manager - internal social computing program manager
What convinced you to choose sharepoint as part of your social strategy?
1.        Integration with existing CMS
2.        Leverage existing investment
3.        Integration with osc + livemeeting + office + sharepoint
4.        2010 - tighter integration with office apps & search
What capability in SP2010 are you most excited about?
1.        Run third party app as managed service application and integration with the moss standard features
2.        Activity / news feed and surface of events
3.        Search
4.        Ribbon - get features in front of users
5.        Integration of components to the my site feature
6.        2010 is more open, better tools with - operate on top of moss without having to user it
7.        Tie of document cms to a social computing platform
8.        Security tied to social tagging
9.        2010 streamlined features and functionality (adding picture to a wiki or blog)
What is your biggest success in social computing?
1.        Huddle - competes against some level of MOSS - biggest sector is government,
Email is still the pipe that social interaction takes place inside big companies
Outlook Social Connector is adding value to the email pipe
How do we get over the small bump to get into social collaboration? Start with things like attaching files to service and send a link
Use people as foot soldiers - top down direction is needed but bottom up is key to success
Executives want to over control the message - that doesn’t work in social computing - let things be organic
Social computing = comfortable chaos
Is the c suite an enabler or obstacle?
1.        Set up a 2.0 council across all biz units to ambassador and champion social computing internally
What role do social media policies play in your organization?
1.        Very important as they set guidelines
2.            Need to set expectation Day 0
Don’t try to force email to go away - let people decide how they work best

My thoughts:

Very interesting panel, but they all definitely drank the koolade here - no dissent about SharePoint whatsoever. Interesting to see how MOSS 2010 is becoming a platform for others to build apps on top of.

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