Choices and Changes - Saying Goodbye to Soda

July 18 2011

Image:Choices and Changes - Saying Goodbye to Soda

What you see above is the last can of soda that I will ever drink. Please bear with me while I explain.

One of the things about my father's passing I have not shared is some of the medical history leading up to the heart attack. Turns out that my father was an untreated diabetic. He was told many times that he was in need of diabetes treatment, but he rejected the fact he even had it the disease. I love my father greatly, but he was the most stubborn person I have ever met. If he didn't believe something, there was nothing that any person could say that would change his mind. So you can imagine that when we saw my father in the hospital and saw how damaged his body was from the diabetes, the effect it had on me mentally.

My grandfather Jack, my father's father, also had diabetes. It seems to run in the family. I know I am need of being a bit more healthy, so losing my Dad this way might be just the kick in the ass I need. So the first step is to get rid of soda.

My father drank a lot of soda every day. And by 'a lot' I mean 6 32 ounce bottles a day or more. I was a 2 can of Coke Zero a day person until today myself. I have done all the reading. I know how bad soda is for you. I needed my caffeine in some form. I don't drink coffee and loathe the taste. My father was the same way - another thing I inherited from him. So after seeing my Dad leave us way to early, the time to make changes has come.

No more soda for me. Not at home or at a restaurant or movie or ball park. No more with booze to make a cocktail. The only thing I am going to let myself have is natural ginger ales and a once a year Vernor's with eggnog to toast Dad at Christmas. I am going to drink water, iced tea, tea, lemonade to keep myself hydrated. No extra sugar in any of those. I am going to allow myself flavored water for a while to transition off the sugar taste love that I have. Hopefully I can get to just water and tea and lemonade in short order.

I am blogging this as much for my own reminder on a regular basis that I have made this choice. I want to make this change. But also so that those around me know I have made this decision. Please don't be offended when I say no to a soda. Feel free to drink it yourself - but for me, an Arnold Palmer (half unsweetened ice tea and half lemonade) is the best beverage to put in my hands. Thanks for the support thru the past 6 weeks. I will need the support going forward. Now, to find some booze that mixes well with an Arnold Palmer to become my new drink of choice :-)