Collaboration 2010 : A request for your help

April 7 2010

As my day to day job shifts this year, one of the things I am doing more and more is talking about Collaboration more broadly. This is in the form of customer meetings and presentations. I am trying to craft a presentation I can use on a regular basis that will speak to the three pillars in the marketplace. First, there is the IBM Lotus space. I have that area down pretty well. Second, covering the Microsoft offers including Sharepoint, Office, OCS, Dynamics, and CRM. The third pillar is what I am calling 'The Web 2.0 Collaboration Wave' and this includes Google,, SalesForce, SocialText, and Jive.

So a few questions for my readers (and feel free to email me instead of commenting here):

1. What are your collaboration priorities for 2010?
2. What products are you interested in but are not using today?
3. What information are you looking for on the topic of collaboration?

If you would not mind, please take a moment and comment (or email). In return, I promise to share the slides so everyone can use them. Thanks for your time!