Doom 3 Expansion Detailed

January 7 2005

Gamespy and IGN have articles giving detailed previews of the Doom 3 Expansion, titled Resurrection of Evil, that I have seen. More baddies, more Hell, and some mini bosses sounds like it will be a great addon to Doom 3, which I still play. The double barrel shotgun returns from Doom2, and we get some soft of gravity weapon, ala the Halflife 2. For multiplayer, we get up to 8 players officially supported and the return of Threewave Capture the Flag. Not official date, but expect it this year.

Only things better than this would be more news on Quake IV :)

Some Screenshots for eyecandy:

Image:Doom 3 Expansion Detailed

Image:Doom 3 Expansion Detailed

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