Dream Theater Studio Update - Can you handle it?

November 30 2008

Mike Portnoy, drummer of Dream Theater, just posted this tidbit on the recording of their new album:

Well, normally I wont share any studio info for fear of over speculation and analyzation (yes, there's another thread in the Forum with 21 pages of people talking about mine and JP's hair based on Jordan's studio diary!)....
But I felt the need to share this excitement with y'all:
Today I finished my drum tracks for the new Dream Theater album!  
And as I normally never give away song descriptions, titles, lengths, etc....I will say just this:
Imagine a DT album with A Change Of Seasons, Octavarium, Learning To Live, Pull Me Under and The Glass Prison....all on one album....
I sure am!!!!
Happy Turkey Day Everybody,

To answer Mike's question .. no I could not :-)