Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) Starts Tuesday - Gaming News Galore On It’s Way

May 29 2009

So for those who do not know by now, my second love around technology is computer gaming. Not just playing of said games, but of the design and development of them. So one of my favorite times of the year is during E3. Basically the largest computer game conference of the year, we will get game announcements from all of the console companies - Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. We will also see all of the publishers announce their slate for this coming holiday season and into 2010. I am expecting a bigger E3 this year in terms of announcements than last year - last year was mostly a bust.

If you want to keep up with what I am reading about next week, I am going to use my twitter account to publish the stories that interest me. I have a great firefox plug-in that allows me to highlight any headline on a page - and with a single click, post that headline and tinyurl. Very easy to use. I will probably do one wrap-up blog next Friday to cover the highlights.

Some predictions:

1. Microsoft will have at least one major exclusive for the Xbox 360 outside of what we know about today. Something big.
2. Sony will have a much better showing
3. Nintendo will show at least one game for the core / hardcore gamer - but will stick to the consumer space.
4. id Software won't say much about Rage or Doom 4 - they will wait until Quakecon in August. We will get more info about the next Wolfenstein game since it ships in August.
5. We will see actual game play footage of the next Final Fantasy
6. With some return of the glitz and glamour of E3, the return of the booth babe will get more press attention than anything else.

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