For the metalheads ... Fuse TV’s Talking Metal brings us Turtlehead

March 20 2008

This is for the metal music fans out there, as well as the Dream Theater fans. Fuse TV's Talking Metal show gets together musicians to jam on classic metal songs. This jam, by the band "Turtlehead", is of the song "Overkill" by Motorhead. The members of the band? Bobby Blitz from Overkill singing, Frank Bello from Anthrax on bass, Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater on drums, and the two hosts playing guitar. In a world where "mashup" is something we hear used daily, this is a great one :-)

3 Responses to “For the metalheads ... Fuse TV’s Talking Metal brings us Turtlehead”

  1. 1) Yancy Lent says:

    That was amazing.

    I can't get over how well 'that group' played together. A couple weeks ago they massacred Slayers, South of Heaven, a Song from a CD I've listened to easily over 100 times. Bobby still has that amazing voice.

  2. 2) Turtle says:

    Ummm... WHAT-head?

  3. 3) Mika Heinonen says:

    Ack, they have the skills, they should really do their own songs. I hate people aping other bands songs, there's no point, unless you do it like Wierd Al: parodies!

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