ForumFriday: Lotus Symphony: Does it need a Document Library template?

February 15 2008

I had answered James Regenold's post earlier this week:

Subject Symphony / MS Doc Library
Is there a Symphony Equivalent to the MS Document Library Template. My clients use that extensively, but now want to get of MS Office and use Symphony.
They want to be able to save their Symphony files directly into a Lotus Notes DB.

there is not

some of what the Doc Library requires from an API stance is not in Lotus Symphony. I am also not sure they have it on their to-do list since most people want things like Quickr integration vs a Doc Library. Would be a good request to put in thru your official channel.

So I wonder, do we need a Document Library for Symphony? Do people really use them?

I ask this because the Document Library template uses some really nasty OLE techniques to provide the functionality it does. Without quite a bit of work, the documents generated in there are locked into that database. Is Quickr not the right place for this?

Without OLE support inside Symphony, replicating the functionality exactly would be difficult. But something similar could be created that uses file attachments instead of in place objects. Would people use this? I am considering building this to include as a giveaway at my sessions. Feedback requested.