Friendship, being a ’sicko’, and our community

November 3 2005

I assume at this point that everyone in the Lotus community has read the Forbes article written by Daniel Lyons called Attack of the Blogs. If you have not read it, you should go do that now. This entire blog entry will be about that article. Pay particular attention to Page 2.

Now that you know the source, I need to make a comment. I try to stay out of the internet wars, /. like slashdotting, and other tirades and emotional crap that fills the world of the web. This time is different. This time someone went after a friend of mine.

As many of you, this community we call the Notes or Lotus community is very dear to me. I have been part of it since 1992. In many ways this community was what brought me into my adult life and helped shape who I am. I count many of the members of our space as friends, and a couple as close friends. I think it is pretty obvious to most that Ed Brill and I are friends ... we comment about each other on both sites, post about each other's birthday, and PSC (the company I work for) hosts Ed's site. I consider Ed one of my closest friends. Someone I would ask to stand up to my wedding (if that day ever comes :) ). Ed has been a great resource for my professional career, but has also been one of the people that has stood by me when I was going thru very personal issues. And this article attacks him. Mr. Lyon's attempt to paint Ed as the bad guy here has stirred my pot.

When I read this article, I can actually pull back and see the big picture ... see what point Mr. Lyon's is trying to make. Yes, blogs provide a world for people to write about anything they want without restriction. What I disagree is how he frames Ed and our community as the bad guys. Mr Lyon's whole article places the blame on the blogger ... never on the person being blogged about. If you read each example, and go research what happened (google, read the blogs, etc), this is not a one sided issue. The blogger in many cases is not the one at fault.

Its pretty obvious that my space in the blogosphere is very small. I do not blog that often. This is just a space to publicize myself in terms of my job and things I enjoy. Maybe it is time to change that. Maybe this attack on the community I am PROUD to be in will get me more active in my blogging. This should be interesting ...

Oh, one last comment. Ms Radicati made this quote in the article:

"They were trying to disable my business," she says. "It was obscene, vile, abusive, offensive stuff. These are a bunch of sickos."

I can not speak for anyone else, but doesn't this quote make the combating of any of the Radicati analyst reports a breeze? :)