Halo 3 arrives ... Master Chief is ready to take over the world

September 25 2007

Today marks the release of what will be the best selling game for this holiday season ... even if the game was released well before Thanksgiving. Halo 3, the third and 'final' chapter of the struggle of Master Chief vs. the Covenant, hit stores today. With over 1 million pre orders, expect everyone to be playing this. There is so much press today on Halo 3 over at IGN and Shacknews, so I am gonna give my initial review.

First off, this might be the most polished FPS I have ever played. Not the most innovative, or the hardest, or the prettiest, or the longest. But damn is everything there. The story is great, the graphics look killer on a HDTV, and one of the best soundtracks ever make Halo 3 a great experience. Add in 4 player co-op thru the single player campaign, and that just gets it a bonus point. The multi-player game feels great ... finally a native Xbox 360 version of the best multi-player FPS on a console. The matchmaking lounge might be the best in the industry today. They do a damn good job at matching you with up to 15 other players of equal skill. Add in the Forge (think Gary's mod for Halo) and the on-line video storage ... just rounds out this game. Bungie should be applauded for putting the touches on the game. It was not released too early. It feels great. I am very impressed.

I was also able to go to one of the Microsoft Halo 3 Launch parties last night. Starting at 6:30 PM at the Downer's Grove Microsoft Office, they let the game take center stage. The place was full of HDTV's, Halo 3, and food and drinks. Lots of giveaways and free stuff. And no chatter about anything that was not Halo 3 related. Microsoft did the launch right.

Now, I have to comment on the scratched disk issue. Halo 3 ships in 3 versions .. the standard version, the limited collectors edition, and the over the top, Master Chief case Legendary edition. The limited collectors edition is packaged in a metal case with 2 discs. One being the game and the other being the extras. Dumb ass Microsoft decided the right idea was to have LOTS OF ROOM IN THE CASE for the discs to release from the center post and get scratched during delivery. So, do not leave your local Best Buy or Circuit City without opening the case IN THE STORE! All of you folks ordering on-line ... your are SOL. You can get the discs replaced for free, but what a hassle. Microsoft ... LEARN FROM THIS!

Overall, Halo 3 will get lots of play over here. Microsoft is going to make money in dump truck loads with this game ... and it is well deserved. Oh, and no Halo Mountain Dew for me :-)

3 Responses to “Halo 3 arrives ... Master Chief is ready to take over the world”

  1. 1) Nathan T. Freeman says:

    Dump truck loads?

    Let's say it sells five million copies. At $50/each, that's $250 million. That's obscene money if you're id or Valve or Blizzard or even EA. But if you're Microsoft? That's less then half what you need to pony up to the EU. It's not even a quarter of the charge you ALREADY TOOK for not having proper QA on the XBOX.

    I mean, credit where it's due... Halo 3 is a hot game and it will be justifiably successful. But it's nowhere near serious money for Microsoft.

    At any rate, it's not as though I'll be playing it. ;-)

  2. 2) John Head says:

    Nathan ... you have to look at Halo 3 as a Bungie game, so you need to do comparisons against other game studios and games. You also need to compare it to platform specific title vs. multi-platform game. Yes, Guitar Hero 3 and Rock Band will sell more than Halo 3 .. but those will be out of all 3 consoles.

    Compared to anything Sony or Nintendo will put out this holiday season in the same genre and is a single console release, Halo 3 will make dump truck loads of cash compared to the rest.

  3. 3) Nathan T. Freeman says:

    Yeah, but... so what?

    "Ooooohhh... I'm the most successful software company on the Amiga platform! Look at me!"

    I mean, great for Bungie. Zilch for Microsoft -- who apparently can't even get the packaging right.

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