Happy Birthday Dad

June 22 2011

Today my Dad would have been 64. As you can probably tell, my Dad LOVED this week - he got attention twice!

Here are some of the last photos of my Dad that we had. He hated his picture taken - like father like son.

Image:Happy Birthday Dad

My father's 50th high school reunion in October, 2010

Image:Happy Birthday Dad

My sister's wedding

Today is also the memorial for my dad in Orlando. Emotional day. Happy Birthday Dad!

3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Dad”

  1. 1) Roy Rumaner says:

    You really do look like your dad. Raising a glass in his name today.

  2. 2) John D Head says:

    Yeah Roy, we really did. The older I got the more I looked like my father for sure.

  3. 3) Vitor Pereira says:

    Raising a glass of the finest Guinness!

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