How I got started with Lotus Notes

April 6 2008

To continue the meme, here is my story (taken from the About John page):

I was working at an engineering firm called Artron Products my last year of high school part time. I went away to college to the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque. After a year of more skiing then studying, I decided to come home and went back to work for Artron. To make a long story short, I was asked by the owner to build a solution to make our internal documents (Quotes, Orders, Invoices) streamlined and integrate with a spreadsheet. We happened to have 2 pieces of software in house (Artron did not spend money), Ami Pro and Excel. Guess which software we used :) I wrote the entire system in Ami Pro, and linked it to Excel using DDE. I spent considerable time on the old Compuserve Ami Pro forums, asking questions and finally answering them as an L-Team member. Someone caught wind of this, and pointed 2 people in the SmartSuite group, Karen Clay and Amiee Kane, at Artron. Artron became a Lotus Business Partner soon after. I slowly got hooked into Notes, and started doing some development with it around version 3.3. Other Loti, such as Todd Dombrowski, Charlie Pappas, Marty Lechleider, Foy Shiver, and Peyton McManus helped push Artron into the Notes world. I have so much respect for all of these folks, because remember, I was 21/22 when many of these people were first starting to meet me. And they never let the age issue come up.

Artron created a Calendar Print application (one of the only companies to ever get an ISV license for Word Pro), a marketing slick application with a marketing agency in Chicago, and made a few attempts at connecting Domino with computer game servers (Kaos Control).  Plus alot of custom apps for customers. Artron still was an engineering company at heart, and we focused on the annunciation and prevention systems of the day (security and fire alarm systems for large installations, such as jails). I was the development manager, the lead developer, the sales person, took the orders, and did the support. I did it all.

And it continued on ...