How to deal with compliments

September 8 2004

So back after a very long holiday weekend that started last Wednesday due to family issues (my mother had surgery) and a cancelled trip to Orlando due to Frances, so give me a bit to get back to speed.

I saw this comment on Ed's, and my first reaction was different than the others commenting. So let's build a bit of history.

First, Ed made this comment:

Robert Scoble is a Microsoftie who gets it -- when Longhorn was replanned two weeks ago, not only did he write about his thoughts on the replan, he linked to dozens of other bloggers who had commented on it -- both good and bad (including my blog entry on the topic).  Scoble isn't paid nearly enough for his contribution -- no, creation -- of a community around the Microsoft technologies he espouses.  Other Microsoft organizations could learn a lot from him.

I think Ed was very complimentary, especially given the fact that Scoble works for Microsoft, Ed's competition.

Second, Robert responds:
IBM's Ed Brill pays me a compliment. "Scoble isn't paid nearly enough for his contribution -- no, creation -- of a community around the Microsoft technologies he espouses."
Oh, oh, the competition is onto me. Thanks Ed, appreciate the compliment. Like your blog too, although I don't understand people who think Lotus Notes is great stuff. But, I agree with you about Dan Gillmor's book.

Robert, the cheap shot totally undermines your thanks to Ed here. So what if he worked on a technology that you compete with. Or even a technology that you do not like or understand. But making an attack on Ed's job when he compliments you is just childish.

Outside the fact that Notes/Domino is great technology (over 100 million customers can not be wrong), you have given your competition a way to point on your lack of cooperation and appreciation. Bad move. Not only will your blog get a huge comment thread from the folks defending Notes in a technical manner, but you have will lose people's respect. You have lost mine.

4 Responses to “How to deal with compliments”

  1. 1) Robert Scoble says:

    Good point. I'm sorry about that. Thought I'd have some fun and shouldn't have done that.

  2. 2) Ned Speed says:

    Hi John,

    Gotta say, think you're being a bit harsh... I read Robert's comment as a 'light hearted dig'... as we say in Australia, 'taking the piss!'

  3. 3) Rock says:

    I commented on this situation in particular, and our sensitivity in general, on my own blog here:

    { Link }

    Didn't want to clog up John's site with my crap... ;)

  4. 4) Roma says:

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