I want this feature NOW - Presenter Screen

March 5 2008

Thanks to Alan Bell for pointing this out. I so want this feature now in Lotus Symphony .. and Microsoft should steal this and put it into PowerPoint NOW! This is from the OpenOffice.org wiki and is a feature that should be in the OpenOffice.org 3.0 release.


The presenter screen for Impress is a feature (currently in development) that aids a presenter during a slide show. It provides information on a second screen, that typically is not visible to the audience. This includes

  • a view to the currently displayed slide (for when the presenter faces the audience and can not see the primary screen)
  • a preview of the next slide or next effect
  • the notes of the current slide
  • the current time and/or the elapsed time
  • navigation buttons for going to the previous/next slide
Here is how it looks at the moment (left the full screen presentation, right the Presenter Screen):

Primary screen visible by the audience     Secondary screen visible by the presenter

The presenter screen is planned to be an extension. However, some core libraries will have to be modified and extended to support the presenter screen extension.

Presenter screen is a working title. It is sometimes called Presenter View or Presenter Console.

Man, that would just rock for presentations at conferences