IBM highlights PSC customers in Case Studies

December 20 2004

I just wanted to highlight two case studies that IBM has released that highlight PSC customers.

College Bowl scores time and cost savings through an automated workflow solution discusses how a very small company can be drastically effected when they embrace IBM technologies. There is also a competitive story, as this customer moved from Outlook with internet email to Notes/Domino. College Bowl has been a customer of mine since 1993, so seeing this story featured is a great feeling.

Holland Company keeps growth and productivity on track with a scalable IBM messaging platform discusses how a mid market manufacturing company moved from Microsoft to IBM technology. This is not just a mail migration story, but a customer that 'drank the koolaid' and has embraced IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Websphere Portal, and numerous applications from the PSC enTouch framework. This is the company that PSC won the IBM Lotus Award for Best Competitive Win.

Bretford builds a better workflow with a Lotus Domino document management solution discusses how a mid marketing manufacturing company redesigned their customer service department with a new document management application. This application was built upon IBM Lotus Domino Document Manager (Domino.Doc) and has had amazing results. This was one of the projects I was involved with in late 03/early 04.

For those of you that come to this site and do not know what I do (mostly friends and family), this should give you a nice insider view.

2 Responses to “IBM highlights PSC customers in Case Studies”

  1. 1) Greg Walrath says:

    John - when you do a migration from Exchange/Outlook to Domino, do you generally just put Notes on their desktop, or go to DWA, or both? If we ever do switch off of Exchange here, I would like to switch most of my users to DWA instead of Notes or DAMO. Your thoughts?

  2. 2) John Head says:

    Greg - it really depends on the user ... we did both DWA for some users and Notes client for most of the users at Holland, and at College Bowl users have both. Really depends.

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