IdoSphere: Domino Application Development Competitive Advantage

February 15 2011

This is the presentation that David Via of IBM and myself gave today.

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  1. 1) Curt Stone says:


    Thanks for posting your presentation. I really enjoyed the estimated hours comparison. I'm assuming your hours quoted here are actual hours that do not include elapsed time. Reason I make this point is that in the Domino environment both security and database are simple and more in my control. In other environments, including SharePoint, you need to recreate Security groups and work with a Database administrator. In my Domino world, I've had quick turnaround of security groups and business is made administrator of group. Active directory management has not been as simple. Moving data from an unstructured .nsf to a structured RDBS can be a pain. More hands in the pot create longer timeframes. Also, now with more moving parts, your application upgrades are tied, for example, to the version of SQL Server your on. You may need to upgrade SQL Server before you can move to SharePoint X.

    P.S. Hope all is well !

  2. 2) Vamsi Guduri says:

    super cool ..

  3. 3) Peter Meuser says:

    John, have you also considered to integrate XPage apps into a SharePoint environment? This approach should leverage the RADD capabilities of Domino in combination with the ready build Lego-like function blocks of SharePoint. Not every customer - especially in the SMB sector - is ready for WebSphere and friends.

    BTW: You mention in your presentation, that SharePoint would require Exchange: Which dependency are you referencing to?

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. 4) John Head says:

    @Curt - the exercise was to compare taking an existing Notes app and creating both an XPages and SharePoint application. Both exercises expect existing Domino and SharePoint infrastructures. I also mention in the session that there is no testing, documentation, or implementation time in the hours. This was a prototype exercise to compare and contrast the two platforms. If you were to build from scratch, the numbers actually get much closer - even as the time to develop goes up.

  5. 5) John Head says:

    @2 Vamsi - thanks

  6. 6) John Head says:

    @3 Peter - I talk about in the presentation that the first XPages sameple we show is a PSC built template for the Domino Document Library. Does it look familiar? It should - we built the custom theme to be as close to SharePoint 2007 as possible. We have run that XPages application in a webpart inside SharePoint. I don't think converting apps from Notes to SharePoint is always the best solution - either done manually or thru a tool like Quest. But every application is different. I also never say Exchange is required, but Active Directory is. We based the security model on AD groups and security - since that is what SharePoint naturally uses. The discussion about Exchange in the beginning is to show that mail is now a commodity and your application development and modernization plan should be divorced from your email platform and decisions.

  7. 7) Peter Meuser says:

    John, looking through a webpart at a XPages app sounds very interesting. Can you say something more about the approach or point me to a reference?


  8. 8) John D Head says:

    Peter - webparts are pretty easy. Creating one that is basically an iframe passthru to a URL and sharing SSL tokens is pretty easy. Lots of documentation on that. Or you can bring in PSC to show you :-)

  9. 9) Peter Meuser says:

    The "iframe" approach is - without doubt - easy. ;-)

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