Integra Quick Reports 4.6 with Virtual Field Mapping

May 28 2008

Image:Integra Quick Reports 4.6 with Virtual Field Mapping

Integra Quick Reports 4.6 has been announced, with Virtual Field Mapping.

New Product Simplifies Notes to Office Integration and Reporting Process And Secures Integra As Incomparable Solution to be launched at ILUG and DNUG

Integra Quick Reports, the leading tool for end-users to integrate Lotus Notes with Microsoft Word and Excel, has today announced Virtual Field Mapping functionality. This enhancement increases the usability and enables the delivery of more complex ad-hoc reports, Word mail merges and Excel exports without the need to escalate to a developer.
“Integra allows point & click access to columns in views, and enables access to fields on forms with a full preview of the form,” explained John de Giorgio, CEO, Integra for Notes. “ Many times however, the design of a database involves complex field names and lookups to other views providing a challenge to end-users.

“Integra Quick Reports’ new Virtual Field Maps allows a developer or super-user to configure a set of virtual fields with easy to use names which relate to specific physical fields. These virtual fields can also contain a Notes formula including but are not limited to a lookup. For instance, choose the Virtual Field called MyManager and Integra Quick Reports runs a lookup to define who the manager of the current user is,” de Giorgio added.

When an end user launches Integra Quick Reports, they are presented with the list of virtual fields predefined for the current document in the More Fields section of the first step of the wizard. If no field mapping was specified for that form then the physical fields would be displayed. The user will then have the option of switching between the virtual and physical fields on the selected form.

“Ad-hoc reporting from Notes is a requirement in any size organization and Quick Reports takes the burden of such requests off the IT department,” concluded de Giorgio. “ In the near future we will be introducing field mapping functionality when creating an Integra Profile from the Integra Database.”

The enhanced version will be available from the 16th June , prices including support and maintenance are available from

This enhancement will really improve the usability of ad hoc reporting for the end user. I am excited about this feature because this is one of the first items they let me work with them on from the beginning. We developers great some ugly field names in Notes. This feature will allow us to have our funny field names and still have a usable tool for the end user. If you are at ILUG 2008 next week, come by the Integra booth and see this for yourself!