Integra Thought of the Week - Centralizing your Business Application Reporting

August 4 2008

Image:Integra Thought of the Week - Centralizing your Business Application Reporting

As I was demonstrating Integra to a couple of potential clients the past couple weeks, I have been seeing a greater demand for a centralized business application reporting solution. Customers want more and more reporting for their applications. What they do not want is multiple reporting applications or reporting functionality that is located all over the back office. One of the many advantages of the Integra solution is that all of your reports for the Notes and Domino platform live in a single place. You can even build reports that work on other platforms using the Integra framework. All of this reporting is stored in the Integra application on a Domino server and has no impact to any of the applications it reports on.

I am going to be putting together a couple of blog entries on the impact of business reporting when your Notes clients and Domino servers go thru the upgrade process. Look at those over the next couple of weeks.

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