Iron Maiden and it’s custom airplane featured

March 19 2008

Yes, I know this is a story about a rock band, but watch the video. You will see that even rock stars think about what is best for business. I think this is a great case of an entertainment industry realizing that good business practices are things to worry about, not just how loud the guitar is

2 Responses to “Iron Maiden and it’s custom airplane featured”

  1. 1) Benoit Dubuc says:

    And the coolest part is the name the airplane was given: Ed Force One!

    Still no dates for Montreal or Quebec city though...

    Up the Irons!

  2. 2) Mika Heinonen says:

    IBM Lotus should also give Ed Brill his own airplane since he travels so much, too bad the name "Ed Force One" is already taken :)

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