Looking for feedback on Lotusphere 2009 Submission

September 3 2008

So before I submit sessions for consideration by the Lotusphere content team, I was looking for some feedback. I like to submit a very specific amount of sessions (usually 3) but this year I have so many ideas. Here they all are

  • Introduction to Integration with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and Microsoft Office and Lotus Symphony (Jumpstart) - This session has been done before, but 3 out of the past 4 years this session has been done twice on Sunday and gotten loads of attendees. The content would need major updating this year, but the demand seems to be there
  • Document Generation using ODF, OOXML & PDF  with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino - a new session that focuses on Document Generation with Notes and Domino. Server side and "no application nessecary" client side generation using all three of the major file formats - ODF, OOXML, and PDF. This is the session I want to do most
  • Build XShare, using XPages, in 60 minutes - this session would be with Nathan Freeman and will show attendees how to build a very very special XPages application in 60 minutes. I can not say much more, but the abstract would have a very special buzzword that would gather lots of attention .. right Nathan? ;)
  • Lotus Symphony and You - for Executives, Users, and Developers - this is an updated and redesigned version of the session I gave at ILUG2008. That presentation got such a great reaction.
  • Lotus Symphony for Developers - Plug-ins, Automation, UNO, and Composite Applications - the deep dive into Lotus Symphony
  • Getting your life back from World of Warcraft ... man, would that not be a super fun session .. even if it has not relevance! :-)

So what do people think? Suggestions of what they like? What I didn't list I know my strengths .. Symphony, Office Automation, OOXML and ODF, and really unique development stuff like Composite Apps and freaky cool XPages.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this.

2 Responses to “Looking for feedback on Lotusphere 2009 Submission”

  1. 1) Keith Brooks says:

    Xpages and the Symphony and You sound good.

    Integration one, while relevant I think falls on deaf ears sometimes.

  2. 2) Mac Guidera says:

    John, let's use IdeaJam to get feedback on idea like these.

    <a href="{ Link } Best Practices Sessions</a>

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