Lotusphere 2005 Session Info

January 31 2005

A Lotusphere 2005 wrap-up is in the works, but here is the session info for those who want it:

JMP108 - The Glue That Binds: Integrating IBM Lotus Notes & Domino with Microsoft Office


The Excel Export database is included in the sample zip file

BP124 - Integration SuperGlue - Advanced Integration Techniques with Lotus Notes/Domino


All of the external samples are referenced in the Readme file in each of the samples zip files. I plan on blogging about some of them in the near future.

Update: JMP108 Presentation is fixed

3 Responses to “Lotusphere 2005 Session Info”

  1. 1) Miha Vitorovic says:

    The JMP108 presentation points to the BP124.pdf. I guess they are similar, but I have been to JMP108, and I find it more usefull for my purposes. Could you please post it as well?

    Thanks, Mike

  2. 2) John says:

    Good catch Mike ... all fixed now

  3. 3) Girts Niedra says:

    John, could you please send me your email address - I would like to discuss some MS Word integration issues and share some ideas...

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