Lotusphere 2010 : More Details about Lotus Symphony 3.0

February 1 2010

One of the more interesting announcements for me at Lotusphere 2010 was Lotus Symphony 3. While I have know about a few things here or there, the name was a bit of a shock. But I like it. So yes, Lotus Symphony is jumping a version number. This is being done to align the version numbers with the version of the OpenOffice.org code base it is based from. I think its a good idea.

If you made it to the session "ID 612 IBM Lotus® Symphony™ Overview and Update" Session, they had some great slides on what is new in Symphony 3, otherwise know as "Vienna". I wanted to share those details with everyone who was not at the session. Here is the new features slide from that presentation:

Image:Lotusphere 2010 : More Details about Lotus Symphony 3.0

But let's break down the new features in each application with a bit more detail:

Lotus Symphony Documents

  • Master Document Support
  • Richer Fields
  • Nested Table Support
  • New comments/notes
  • Numbers & bullets enhancement
  • Multi-page View
  • Export to PDF enhancements
  • Business card & Labels Templates and support in Mail Merge

Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets
  • 1024 Columns
  • Sheet specific Zoom
  • Right to Left Layout
  • Mutli-select Sheet
  • Two new chart types
  • New Chart visual effect
  • Reverse Axis
  • Handle missing data points
  • VBA support (run-time only, will support about 75% of the VBA commands in the first release of the run-time)
  • Text to column
  • Move columns/rows
  • Detective
  • Solver & Solver Equation
  • What-if & Multiple Operations
Lotus Symphony Presentations
  • Easy Slide show options
  • Easy Slide view mode switch
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Hardware Acceleration for Slideshow Graphics
  • Easy Templates
  • New properties sidebar
  • Sidebar tab management
  • Improvements to Text and Properties, including text blocks on angles and rotation
  • Improved and added functionality to Drawing Object Properties
  • Support for Video and Audio
  • Picture cropping
  • Export Slide names as PDF bookmarks
  • Navigation (tab) order of page objects
  • Easier to insert background picture
  • Export a picture
  • New Animations
  • Much Better Tables within text blocks on a slide

General Features
  • ODF 1.2 Support (yeah!)
  • Support for embedded OLE objects within Lotus Symphony
  • Signed Plug-ins
  • Add-in Installer for Notes 8.5.1 (and 8.5.2 if necessary ) just like Sametime 8.5 Connect client for Notes 8.5.1
  • Improvements to the Microsoft Office 2007 Format support
  • Improvements to Microsoft Office general interoperability
  • More interoperability with OpenOffice.org features
  • Lots of improvements on graphic objects display and refresh
  • Major work on performance and stability
  • More work on User Experience with the Sidebars
  • Enhancements to the Java and LotusScript APIs, including Presentations functionality

Because of the major move of Lotus Symphony 3 being based off of the OpenOffice.org 3.X code base, a few features current in Lotus Symphony 1.3 have not made the transition over. Those include:
  • Freehand Tables
  • SmartSuite Filters

The SmartSuite filters should come back in the next release after "Vienna", known today as Symphony 'Amsterdam' later in 2010.

So what is missing? Save to Office 2007 is the big thing missing ... but at this point, Lotus should probably wait for Office 2010 to ship and do a Save to Office 2010/2007 in a future version of Lotus Symphony.

Lotus Symphony 3 should be in beta (stand-alone only) very soon now with release in the second quarter of 2010.