Lotusphere 2010 : Press & Analyst Briefing Recap

January 18 2010

Just following the Lotusphere 2010 Opening General Session, I got to attend the Press & Analyst Briefing. Here are some highlights from that:

Alistair Rennie -
1.        Great customers who were able to share their stories at Lotusphere
2.        IBM Collaboration Agenda
- Transforms the way people work by industry
- IBM's vertical industry experts, software labs, and consulting services to help clients realize measurable ROI from improving the way people interact
- Collaborate using the right social and collaboration tools based on specific role in the organization
- connect easily and quickly with experts, partners, suppliers and customers beyond company firewalls
- Develop into an expertise-based entity raising the collective IQ of the business
- banking, insurance, healthcare, and government
3.        LotusLive Expansion (Cloud Collaboration)
- Largest Cloud Computing Deal ever w/ Panasonic
- IBM Research & Lotus joining forces to create LotusLive Labs, the pipeline for innovation in the cloud. "Try cool stuff. Talk with us. Shape the Future"
- Lotusphere Tech Previews:
- Slide Library -
- Collaborative Recorded Meetings - instant recording and transcribing meeting for searching and tagging
- Event Maps - visualize and interact with conference schedules
- Composer - create LotusLive mashups through the combination of LotusLive services
- Project Concord - web based document collaboration
- 18 million users in almost 100 countries
- Buyer's Choice award - 6/2009
- CRN - Best Cloud Application - 2009


- LotusLive Notes v 2, mail extended - full Notes and Domino support
- Integration Platform with partners like skype
4.        IBM Client for Smart Work
- IBM and Canonical
5.        Mobile


- IBM and RIM alliance to bring software to market
- Blackberry client for Lotus Quickr
- Blackberry client for Lotus Connections
- Blackberry client for Lotus Sametime

- Traveler Extension for iPhone for encrypted email

Traveler for Android
6.        IBM Project Vulcan - a blueprint for the future of collaboration
- work together through a single human interface from a range of entry points: Notes, Web, Mobile
- build on top of existing infrastructure and products
- break thru web and mobile experiences
- partners key to platform as existing apps work
- Beta for developers in 2H 2010 on LotusLive


Volker - Mobile - Traveler for Android - native apps?    Yes, native client coming for Android w/ Nexus One support first. Mobile overall, leverage webkit and then natively when it adds value. Kevin C - we are going to be adaptive to the platforms to make a seamless experience on that device. Volker - what about xPages on the Blackberry? KC - progress soon

GM - down scaling? Move to hosted/cloud for cost reduction? It's not downsizing, its rebalancing. Hybrid is the model GM sees in the future. Mix of cloud and on-premise

IBM Project Vulcan an answer to Google Wave? Alistair - Vulcan is not an answer to a product, but an entire direction across products, platforms, and usage types. RIM: move from app centric to user centric. Work not done at the desk, it's done at the hip.

Vulcan and Info Mgmt alignment?

Partners - where are the new ones coming from? Alistair - large growth in social software partners. Tremendous growth in UC partners.

Fully Secure Domino on LotusLive - what does that mean? KC - LotusLive Notes will preserve PKI and Certificates from your on-premise environment. Server to Server communication will have some level of Trust between them.

I asked about Project Concord and how IBM saw themselves different than other collaborative editing solutions. Bob and Alistair both commented about how to implement collaborative editing within custom apps, not just about a tool.

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