Lotusphere After Party - Thursday Night Jan 24th - I need a rough count

January 7 2008

OK folks .. it is that time. I need a rough count of how many people want to attend. The plan is still to have something on-site at a conference hotel, with a fixed fee that includes use of the room, bad food (pizza or subs), and beverages. Figure between $50 and $60 US.

What I need from folks is two-fold:

1. Please respond in comments here. Names and Yes/No/Maybe for RSVP. I will not hold anyone to commitment, but please be realistic in your response.
2. Please get people to see this .. and point the conversation here. I really would like a single list. If you want to blog this, I would appreciate if you pointed people to this entry and closed the discussion on your site.

Thanks  and see you at Lotusphere - John