Lotusphere After Party - Thursday Night Jan 24th - I need a rough count

January 7 2008

OK folks .. it is that time. I need a rough count of how many people want to attend. The plan is still to have something on-site at a conference hotel, with a fixed fee that includes use of the room, bad food (pizza or subs), and beverages. Figure between $50 and $60 US.

What I need from folks is two-fold:

1. Please respond in comments here. Names and Yes/No/Maybe for RSVP. I will not hold anyone to commitment, but please be realistic in your response.
2. Please get people to see this .. and point the conversation here. I really would like a single list. If you want to blog this, I would appreciate if you pointed people to this entry and closed the discussion on your site.

Thanks  and see you at Lotusphere - John

66 Responses to “Lotusphere After Party - Thursday Night Jan 24th - I need a rough count”

  1. 1) Duffbert says:

    one here.

  2. 2) Matt White says:

    Put me down for two places, one for myself and one for Adam Glasby.

  3. 3) Warren Elsmore says:

    2 here - Kitty and I

  4. 4) Wild Bill says:

    Put me down for two - Myself and Richard Sampson. (Roy and Tony Holder will be heading back Thursday)

    Cheers, and thanks for organising this!

    -- Bill

  5. 5) Jess Stratton says:

    Put me down for two and a half, or at least one for part of the night. The "half" does not need a chair, food, or booze. :-)

  6. 6) Declan Lynch says:

    You can add myself and Terri to the list.

  7. 7) John Head says:

    Jess - you are the one person who gets a pass for someone entering without paying :-)

  8. 8) Ed Brill says:

    I'm in that "maybe" column, will let you know in a couple of days based on a few other things going on..

  9. 9) Chuck Dean says:

    One more here.

  10. 10) Alan Lepofsky says:

    Sounds good John, I should be fine. I have a friend flying down Thu to go golfing for a few days, so I may have to leave early, I don't know when his flights are yet.

  11. 11) Phil Randolph says:

    Add me to the list John...thanks!

  12. 12) Bruce Elgort says:

    Bruce and Gayle Elgort will attend.

  13. 13) Rob McDonagh says:

    One more here.

  14. 14) Gregg Eldred says:

    Count me in!

  15. 15) Chris Miller says:

    For the first time in 8 years I can be back for my kids birthday so I am leaving on Thursday, sorry

  16. 16) Don McNally says:

    I plan to be there. $50-60 is MUCH more acceptable. Thanks, John!

  17. 17) Mac Guidera says:

    Thanks for organizing this. I'm down as a Maybe.

  18. 18) Ian White says:

    One more 'bloke' here

  19. 19) Adam Fenstermaker says:

    John - If you're interested in using a tool to collect cash / track payments { Link } - run by a friend of mine. Unfortunately built in .NET - sorry.

  20. 20) Vince Schuurman says:

    I hope they have the $55 whiskey though ;-)

    Count me in.

  21. 21) Joe Litton says:

    Yup, I'll be there

  22. 22) Jim Casale says:

    If you don't mind a Lotusphere 2nd year newbie you can count me in as a yes

  23. 23) Chris Blatnick says:

    Hey John...Please put me down as a "maybe, but more likely probably". ;-) Thanks!

  24. 24) Chris Pepin says:

    Count me in

  25. 25) Richard Schwartz says:

    Put me down for one, very probably.

  26. 26) Denis Wittebrood says:

    So you didn't create a 'No' column for nothing: No. ;)

    I'm sorry to say that I'll be heading back that afternoon.

  27. 27) Jacques Page says:

    Hi John

    Count me in..


  28. 28) Paul Mooney says:

    In memories of old blog days...

    me too!

    me too!

  29. 29) Rob Wunderlich says:

    I'm likely but will be tardy. So, assuming you'll be there for a while, I'll be there.

  30. 30) Chris Whisonant says:

    Count me in...

  31. 31) Mike Smelser says:

    I'll be there.

  32. 32) Greg Wojcicki says:

    One please.

  33. 33) Richard Moy says:

    I should be there.

  34. 34) Mick Moignard says:

    Definite maybe. Unless I get a better offer.

  35. 35) Thomas Bahn says:

    Add my colleague Bernd Hort and me. Thx

  36. 36) Adam Osborne says:

    But me down for two.

  37. 37) Neil Davis says:

    Count me in

  38. 38) Julian Robichaux says:

    One, please...

  39. 39) Mitch Cohen says:

    Count me in please

  40. 40) Andy Donaldson says:

    I am a strong maybe. Have to check with my traveling partner.

  41. 41) Charles Robinson says:

    Maybe, but not likely.

  42. 42) Adam Gartenberg says:

    Seeing the guest list you've assembled already, I'm bummed to have to say that I'll be heading home Thursday night, so will not be able to attend.

  43. 43) Kevin Pettitt says:

    Uno por favor

  44. 44) Scott Treggiari says:

    Please put me down for 2, one for me and one for Debbie lynd

  45. 45) Neil Burston says:

    I'd like to make it along. Look forward to meeting up with so many familiar names!

  46. 46) Ted Hardenburgh says:

    very likely 2, but late arrival

  47. 47) Julian Woodward says:

    Yup, I'll be there. All one of me.

  48. 48) Michael Stokes says:

    Count me in with two other, maybe, people.

  49. 49) Sean Harris says:

    John, thanks for putting this together. Put me and Rhonda down as a maybe, probably ;^ )

  50. 50) Erik Werfel says:

    Count me in, thanks.

  51. 51) Martin Vereecken says:

    You can put me on the "maybe" list, first time for me at Lotusphere, so I don't know what to expect yet :-)

  52. 52) Gregory Engels says:

    count me in!

  53. 53) Fabio Pignatti says:

    A party of 2 in the maybe column

  54. 54) Bill Malchisky says:

    One please. Looking forward to it. Thanks for putting this together.

  55. 55) Theo Heselmans says:

    Another maybe

  56. 56) Bob Warth says:

    2 please, and thanks for this

  57. 57) Devin Olson says:

    Was there ever any question about whether or not I'd make it?


  58. 58) Curt Stone says:

    Party Time, Party Time. Count me in.

  59. 59) Mary Beth Raven says:

    I plan to attend.

  60. 60) John de Giorgio says:

    Sounds good. Please include myself, Julienne and Alexia. Thanks John for taking the trouble.

  61. 61) Mike Barlow says:

    Add one for me John and thanks.

  62. 62) Michael Dyson says:

    Put me down as a maybe.


  63. 63) Stuart McIntyre says:


  64. 64) jimmy bracco says:

    I see a couple of my short bus riders on this list...but we are returning thursday to atlanta this year instead of friday.

    Can we sametime in from the Bus ??

  65. 65) Steve Breitenbach says:

    One, please

  66. 66) Paul Harrison says:

    Please count me in as a maybe. Thanks.

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