Lotusphere2006 is over

January 26 2006

Another Lotusphere comes to a close. Another amazing year. This year was a big one for me personally. I co-presented the integration Jumpstart with Alex Kassabov from PSC. We did it twice, back to back. 4 hours of speaking in 4:30 is a lot. Packed rooms both times. I did my best practices session and delivered on my promise from last year ... OpenOffice Mail Merge with Notes. A big room that was packed ... and I went head to head with Ed and Libby. PSC had a booth showing off e-phone. e-phone, developed by iscoord ltd., happened to win the Lotus Award for Best in Show ... PSC is the North American distributor. The booth was crazy busy. And meeting with all of our clients, business partners we work with during the year, and the community. Talk about a week that just drains.

Lots of people will write about how the week was ... it was KILLER. The energy is the highest I have seen it since the R5 Launch. Surjit Chana, the VP of Marketing and Partners is an amazing addition for Lotus. I have never met or heard of him before, but what energy! I think the gloves metaphor has been played out a bit, but Lotus is not playing games. They are kicking ass and taking names! It should be a great year in 2006. 2007 with the release of "Hannover" will be in better.

I wanted to thank a few people for making my week great:

  • Alex @ PSC - thanks for presenting with me ... we had a great banter going and people walked away with knowledge and seemed to have a great time
  • Ed Brill - a great week while being sick ... and thanks for being a better friend, all I ask is next year I do not have to lose my lunch at ESPN
  • Rocky Oliver - a killer week while being even sicker
  • Ragan, Kristin, and the rest of the Lotusphere team - thank you for asking me back for another year!
  • Mary Beth Raven and the User Experience team - you are making such an impact at Lotus !!!

a special thanks to Jeff Eisen and Jeff Calow ... both of you really listened this week and I appreciate you taking your time to work with me. I really hope your superiors know how much you put into the products and community ... you deserve a raise!

See you all at Lotusphere 2007!