Lotusphere2006 Wiki Page - Slides and Demo Files

January 27 2006

So I came up with a great idea, even if I am hurting after trying to drink an Irishman under the table last night. Yeah, I lost. Anyways, I thought that what we should do is put together a page with a link to all of the Lotusphere session slides and demo files that all of us will be posting over the next couple of days. Everyone should go here and add a link to your presentation. I added the first couple that I know about. I will try to get Ed to blog about it to make everyone see it.

3 Responses to “Lotusphere2006 Wiki Page - Slides and Demo Files”

  1. 1) Justin Freeman says:

    Great idea buddy, thanks!

  2. 2) Ulrich Krause says:

    Great idea !!!

  3. 3) Paul Mooney says:

    Great idea mate... sorry about the booze thing! was great fun having a laugh with you though.

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