Lotusphere2009 files showing up on LotusLive

February 10 2009

Great too see this stuff showing up on LotusLive (even if it is a bit later than announced). Make sure you are part of the Lotusphere2009 group and then go to the My Services \ Files page. You should see this:

Image:Lotusphere2009 files showing up on LotusLive

4 Responses to “Lotusphere2009 files showing up on LotusLive”

  1. 1) Greg Walrath says:

    Anyone else getting an error? I keep getting a big graphic with the words 'An error occurred processing your request. Return to services and try again. Thanks!'

    I keep going back to services and getting the same error. I am in the Lotusphere 2009 group.

  2. 2) Grant Lindsay says:

    How does one make sure they are part of the Lotusphere2009 group?

    I searched for it. No dice.

    -- Grant

  3. 3) Kerr says:

    @greg, I was having that problem, along with it generally not working, no admin, no company etc. I think the routine they used for creating accounts for Lotusphere attendees just didn't to the job very well. Get in touch with support@lotuslive.com and they should be able to fix it. They did for me.

    @grant, You can't just join the lotusphere group, you need to log in with the email you registered for lotusphere with. You will then be in the group and the files will show up under my services/files (I wouldn't be surprised if you got the same error as @greg above though). I suppose you could get in touch with support@lotuslive.com and try and get them to add a different account?

  4. 4) Greg Walrath says:

    Thanks, John, will-do. I did have a problem logging in initially, using my Lotusphere credentials, but I just went through the password reset routine and that got me in.

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