Lunaris beats Magtheridon

April 3 2007

Another raid boss has been defeated by Lunaris! Sinzar, the Lunaris Raid Commander, writes his thoughts on the fight ...

The Magtheridon fight in it's hotfixed state is very enjoyable. It's a bit of a headache to coordinate beforehand as a raid leader with so many things going on at once, but actually doing the fight is a great rush. The tuning I think is right on track. Magtheridon is definitely a step up from current day Gruul, but only a small one. The only problem with Magtheridon is that the fight is so much easier if you stack the raid and pot out with DPS buffs, but the latest update from Tigole tells us that won't be an issue either in the next patch.

So what does all the chatter mean? Lunaris is beating content in the BC expansion BEFORE it is considered fixed (for the most part). Some people call that hardcore, some people call that stupid ... to each their own :-)