Lunaris drops Loatheb and Gothik (the Harvester)

October 21 2006

My time outside of work has been pretty minimal these past two weeks (two projects coming to fruition at the same time, go go scheduling), but there has been some WoW time. Lunaris defeated two of the more difficult bosses in Naxxramas . Loatheb is the last boss in the Plague wing, requiring lots of world buffs and perfect execution. Gothik is one of the most intensive battles we have ever had ... with 30 waves of trash and then a boss ... with the raid split in half and everyone having to be on the ball. So that means we have 12 bosses down ... 3 to go. We are currently working on the Four Horsemen ... the hardest fight in the game currently. Four very difficult bosses mounted on horses that you have to have at least 6 warriors for. Once we get thru them, we expect to roll thru Sapphrion (the Frostwrym) and Kel'Thuzad ... the undead Lich and head boss of the raid instance.



Gothik (the Harvester)