Lunaris drops Patchwerk and Grobbulus

August 14 2006

After many weeks of work, the first boss in Naxxaramas' Abomination Wing Patchwerk is dead. He has over 2.4 million hit points and is just a tank. He requires 7 minutes of amazing, no mistake healing and damage. Last night, we finally got him down.


Once we celebrated, we took down the next boss in that wing as well, Grobbulus.


Nice work Lunaris!

3 Responses to “Lunaris drops Patchwerk and Grobbulus”

  1. 1) Gerald Howell says:

    Congrats!!! Did you hear for the expansion there are no 40 man, just 25 and below dungeons?

  2. 2) John Head says:

    Yes I did .. I am choosing to ignore that for now

  3. 3) Alan Lepofsky says:

    I don't play many games, but I have to assume congratulations are in order, so well done, even though I have no idea what this is!

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