Lunaris roars to life in WoW:BC

March 6 2007

With the release of World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade expansion, the 40 man raiding style of end game play that was around for two years has totally changed. Raids are now designed for 25 players and most of the instances are 5 player (standard and Heroic) and 10 player raids (such as Karahazan). Only the outdoor raid bosses allow for 40 players to participate. These changes were made to make raids easier to form and manage .. but what about guilds like Lunaris? We had a 40 raid person schedule down like clockwork ... what about the other 15 people? Reality is that we lost a few of our raiders, and others left for different guilds and servers.

Lunaris currently does two nights of 25 player raiding and three nights of 10 player raiding .. but we run multiple teams in Karahazan. And so far we are kicking major butt ...

We have cleared Karahazan with Nightbane down


We have killed Doom Lord Kazzak


and we have killed Doomwalker, who just happens to think its fun to squish mages such as myself


We are currently working on Gruul but I think the bugs will keep us from killing him until they fix them