Microsoft Releases Office 2007 SP2 - with ODF 1.1 Support

April 28 2009

After almost a year of waiting, Microsoft released the 2007 Office System Service Pack 2 today, which includes Open Document Format (ODF) 1.1 support in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Here is the details:

  • Save as ODF 1.1 for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Save as PDF and XPS
  • File format converter API
  • Charting Object Model for Word and PowerPoint
  • Cryptographic Agility
  • Outlook Performance
  • Office Service Pack Uninstall Tool

Other enhancements of possible significance:

SmartArt® Graphics & Charting
  • Better rendering performance
  • Better printing fidelity
  • Fixes issues in the object model to achieve better parity with Office 2003
  • Improves the Edit Points feature. This enables more accurate shape editing and increased interoperability with Office 2003

Microsoft Office Access
  • Lets you export reports to Microsoft Office Excel
  • Fixes issues that occur in the import data wizards,
  • Fixes issues in report printing and previewing
  • Fixes issues in macros, in Excel integration, and in date filters

Microsoft Office Word
  • Improves the fidelity of .pdf and .xps output
  • Improves Outlook (Word editor) performance

 Gray Knowlton covers the details of that list above. The Microsoft Support site has a detailed listing of all of the changes. You can download SP2 from here.

Tom Robertson wrote a great entry on the Microsoft on the Issues blog about Microsoft's approach on Interoperability. Doug Mahugh covers some details on the ODF 1.1 implementation and ways to see what Microsoft Word 2007 SP2 does when you save a document as ODF.

Remember - Microsoft's ODF implementation is based on the 'letter of the law' on the 1.1 spec. That means that and Lotus Symphony may not open the files exactly as the looked in the Office applications. In many cases,'s implementation is flat out wrong and buggy. I can't wait to see the debate about this in the blogosphere :-)

Word to those that decide to upgrade during the 90 day soft upgrade (meaning that user's won't get asked to upgrade to SP2 for 90 days) - any integration solutions you have with Notes & Domino should be tested heavily. Especially anything doing with charts in Word and PowerPoint.

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