More about the Templates

August 10 2006

One of the many issues that came up in Ed's blog entry that spawned all of this discussion was the templates that are available with Sharepoint. I believe there has been a bunch of miscommunication about these. I hope to clear that up.

You can find these templates, or "Applications" as Microsoft call them, at the Sharepoint Applications page. I count 33 of them, from basic stuff such as Discussion and Document Library to fancy stuff such as Help Desk and New Product Development. After downloading a couple and reading the license agreement(s), I found the following:

  • These samples are not including in the Sharepoint software package. You have to go download them yourself
  • They are not supported as part of the Sharepoint software package. The way I read the license is that they are not supported at all
  • No promise of updating or supporting these to work with new versions of Sharepoint (both point release and major release)
  • No internationalization of these samples ... English only. Both for the language and the version of Windows, Windows Server, and Sharepoint
  • I read between the lines that while partners and customers can use these are starting points, they can not be resold or packaged in any other format.

Now, take these observations with a grain of salt ... I am not an attorney nor software license expert. This is just how I interpret them.

So how does this effect our initiative? Do we follow the same guidelines or do we set different goals? Food for thought and discussions.