Moving is a pain in the ass ... A new home theater isn’t

October 2 2009

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that this week has been crazy as there has been a move taking place. The move is only about a mile down Michigan Avenue ... but any move is a real pain in the ass. Packing, moving, unpacking ... and realizing just how much crap you own. Multiple car loads of books, movies, house wares, and clothes are going to the resale shop and donated - all sparked on the move.

I am also completely updating the home theater : new TV, components, speakers, component rack, and a few other pieces. The TV, which is a Sony Bravia 480 hz 50 inch, is mounted above the fireplace. I have the new receiver (it is a Denon AVR-1910 - 5 HDMI, iPod/iPhone Dock, upscaling to HDMI, etc) and a few speakers hooked up. Once I get back from the UKLUG trip, I have the Comcast appointment (yeah, don't ask) and then the custom installer. He will be bringing a new center chanel, subwoofer, and remote. He is going to do the entire setup and get me ready for Sonos. So October will be a month of building and setup. Hopefully, but the time Halloween comes around, everything will be complete.

I will post pictures and more details later. See everyone at UKLUG ... and if your not going, look out on my blog for Notes/Domino 8.5.1 info and some cool Symphony stuff!

5 Responses to “Moving is a pain in the ass ... A new home theater isn’t”

  1. 1) Bruce says:


    How is watching TV above the fireplace? How high is the TV off of the floor? Just wondering as we are considering doing the same.

  2. 2) Yancy Lent says:

    The "iPod/iPhone Dock", is that part of the receiver? If not does it plug into the HDMI? It sounds like a sweet setup!

  3. 3) John Head says:

    Yancy - this Denon has a dedicated port for it, shows up in the list, and the controller even controls the ipod :-) - its killer

  4. 4) John Head says:

    Bruce, well we don't have our couch in it's final position, but so far it's aok. id say its 5' up right now, and will go up a bit more. get a big enough one and it doesn't matter :-)

  5. 5) Yancy Lent says:


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