MS Office Constants Database Redux

January 31 2006

I demonstrated this during the Lotusphere 2006 Jumpstart session I did on Integration, and a gentleman by the name of John Coolidge was in the front row. He commented he worked with Tom Duff to make the database. The version I had (and Tom is linking to) only had Office 2000 and Office XP (2002) constants in the database. John read my blog comment and we emailed. I volunteered to host the current version (its really big now ... 5+ megs zipped). This version adds Office 2003 constants and another neat feature. Go to the LSS view and click the Export button. You will get a MS Excel listing of all of the constants in a manner you can use as an Include file in LotusScript. I have a couple ideas of how to improve this, but this is a great start. Thanks John!

MS Office Constants Database - 1.31.2006

2 Responses to “MS Office Constants Database Redux”

  1. 1) Duffbert says:

    Way cool! Thanks!

  2. 2) John J. Coolidge says:

    Hey glad we can help. When office 12 is out I will grab those constants as well


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