Nintendo takes a risk ... the Revolution Controller has been demoed

September 17 2005

Well, this past week Nintendo introduced the long rumored controller for the Revolution, their next gaming console.


The controller, which looks like a remote control, allows additional devices to be plugged in. Check out the analog controller below:


Multiplayer games should be easy with multiple controllers.


I have to give Nintendo credit for taking a risk and doing something different. So called "hard core" gamers are going to sneer at this. They want the controller that Microsoft and Sony use. Funny thing about those ... Nintendo revolutionized those with the NES. I can not wait to see what games come out for this.

Get more info at the following places:
- Gamespot
- Gamespot Hardware (lots of details)

My reaction is that this is either going to produce great games and a great experience or just be a horrible gamble on Nintendo's part. I hope it works out.

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