Notes 8 Beta - Pinning the Open Bar / Launcher

March 13 2007

This one is for Anthony Iannotta, who commented about how the Notes 8 Public Beta does not allow one click to any of the PIM applications. Anthony, I completely agree. When I first saw Beta 1, I commented on this and asked for a solution. IBM delivered one :-)

You can easily pin the Open bar to the side of the screen, much like the bookmark bar in 5/6/7. To do this, just right-click on the Open bar and select the option. This is what you will get:


For new installs of the client, I think it is safe to say that the Open button should appear as it does today. For upgraders, maybe the best thing to do is start up as it does now, but add the "Dock Open Button" as a clickable action on the What's New page.

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  1. 1) Rob McDonagh says:

    I tried the "Docked" Open List option, but I've gone back to expanding it. The reason? The search we have in the full list mode is the only way I can do away with the workspace - in fact, it's so much more useful than the workspace that I would never go back now. I can't live with bookmarks without that search, though. I'd love to Dock the Open List, but then I would need an icon in the Docked List to pop up the search. Any idea whether that's in the works? I assume not for 8.0...

  2. 2) John Head says:

    not sure how you would set the context of the bar and then do the search .. maybe a new icon at the top which brought up the search window.

    Go ahead and post it Rob in the forum .. and I will put it in as a request in the Design Partner forum as well

  3. 3) Alan Lepofsky says:

    So now you're stealing my plans for tips are you! ;-) This was one of the first ones I have planned!

  4. 4) Rob McDonagh says:

    Done. And thanks for offering to put it into the Design Partner forum.

    I'm not sure exactly how to implement it, but I think the addition of a Search icon makes sense, and I suggested that. The only other possibility I can think of is a one-click icon to OPEN the docked Open List. I like the search icon idea better, but it might be easier to implement the other way.

  5. 5) Richard Moy says:


    Since you have been using the Notes 8 beta long than I have. How do you set an database as the Home Page? I could not find it anywhere.

  6. 6) John Head says:

    You don't .. that feature is disabled in this build

  7. 7) Richard Moy says:

    Thanks for letting me know so I would not keep looking for it.

  8. 8) John Head says:

    Anthony - well, I hear what your saying, but IBM is not going that direction. So that is what we have

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