Notes 8 Mail ... the No Frills Version

August 28 2007

So Volker Weber has posted some criticism of the Notes 8 interface, as well as some translated thoughts from a fellow German. Here are my thoughts on this ...

First, I think it fair to provide feedback, both positive and negative, on the product .. no matter what anyone else says about me. I just think there are good and bad ways to deliver that feedback. We all have our opinions on how to do things. I think only reporting negative feedback is wrong. You have to mix the good and bad together so the reader, especially the people making the product, view it as more than a rant (or worse).

Second, I do not think that anyone who has not used the Notes 8 client for a week, against a Domino server, can provide balanced and effective feedback. Again, my opinion.

Third, here is a screenshot of how I have my Notes 8 email configured at the moment ... looks very clean. When I see comments like Volker's I wonder how much someone has actually touched the product.


For me, using the Notes 8 client has been a great experience. I use it full time as my "John Head @ PSC" client. I have VM's with Notes 7.0.2 for client testing and development, but this is my primary Notes client. I believe I am more productive and have a better overall experience with the Notes 8 client vs any other Notes client before. Your mileage my vary.