Notes 8 Mail ... the No Frills Version

August 28 2007

So Volker Weber has posted some criticism of the Notes 8 interface, as well as some translated thoughts from a fellow German. Here are my thoughts on this ...

First, I think it fair to provide feedback, both positive and negative, on the product .. no matter what anyone else says about me. I just think there are good and bad ways to deliver that feedback. We all have our opinions on how to do things. I think only reporting negative feedback is wrong. You have to mix the good and bad together so the reader, especially the people making the product, view it as more than a rant (or worse).

Second, I do not think that anyone who has not used the Notes 8 client for a week, against a Domino server, can provide balanced and effective feedback. Again, my opinion.

Third, here is a screenshot of how I have my Notes 8 email configured at the moment ... looks very clean. When I see comments like Volker's I wonder how much someone has actually touched the product.


For me, using the Notes 8 client has been a great experience. I use it full time as my "John Head @ PSC" client. I have VM's with Notes 7.0.2 for client testing and development, but this is my primary Notes client. I believe I am more productive and have a better overall experience with the Notes 8 client vs any other Notes client before. Your mileage my vary.

4 Responses to “Notes 8 Mail ... the No Frills Version”

  1. 1) Nathan T. Freeman says:

    Actually, this is configured a little closer to Apple's client...

    { Link }

    Then again, this is hardly the first time the observation has been made that Notes 8 is still extremely complex...

    { Link }

    { Link }

  2. 2) Henning Heinz says:

    Volker has been writing about Notes for many years and he still does although he does not seem to do much with Notes nowadays. I really think he likes Notes in some way. Of course Volker can be all wrong. That is why Sametime, Quickplace, Domino Doc, Workflow, the whole Workplace family, Merchant, Learning Space or even some stylish products like Discovery Server all raved the market. Even if a product at least gained some momentum like Sametime it went to sleep-mode for a long time. I think some of you spoke of the dark years at IBM Lotus (that now seem to be over). Now I know that there are a lot of positive reviews of R8, that IBM Lotus has more people in staff and that something is happening. But I also see people getting impatient (not all but some) and the feedback I am getting is not the same that I read here or at We will all know in a few years and maybe the ones that criticize IBM were all wrong and there is a flourishing business around IBM Lotus software.

  3. 3) Chris Whisonant says:

    I may be wrong, but I don't think the Apple mail client can connect to corporate IM or Activities servers. And does it even HAVE a calendar? Because those are the three tools that are in the sidebar that's just taking up real estate. I kind of dig Thunderbird, but I would never compare it to Notes. They are completely different beasts intended for completely different purposes. If you want a mail client, that's cool, but let's not confuse it with a collaboration client.

  4. 4) Nathan T. Freeman says:

    Oh, c'mon, Chris... don't you think that being able to access and manage multiple IMAP accounts is key to having a good collaboration tool? Isn't that what corporate users do every day? It's not like it's just the independent consultants/journalists that need to manage multiple mail accounts while they're at their desks at work, right?

    After all, email is an { Link } excellent collaboration tool!

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