NotesHound 6 is avaliable

December 3 2007

NotesHound, my favorite Third-party tool for the Notes/Domino developer, has just released Version 6 of the tool. Here is the news release:

NotesHound version 6 is here !!!          

After months of hard work we now have version 6 available.
As always, existing customers get the upgrade for free.

This version really has a lot of nice features, some of which you just can't find in any other tool.
The ability to right-click on icons in the Notes client workspace and get a dop-down menu with all the NotesHound tools is, as far as we know, unique to NotesHound.
We also have a more 'standard' toolbar icon but with a twist. When you select a Notes database icon in the workspace and click the toolbar icon you get exactly the same drop-down menu as with the right-click feature.

As of this version, we have also adjusted our prices to a rather large extent.
A Developer license (single user) now costs USD 495 and a Corporate license costs USD 1995.
This is a significant raise compared to the old prices, but is well in line with what the products are worth.
Compared to other tools on the market this is still a very reasonable price. In particular when you keep in mind that upgrades are free.

We hope and trust that our customers will enjoy this new version.
It is our intention to advertise/market the product properly from now on and you might well see us at various venues for Notes/Domino developers.

And some more info:
Some features of this version:
* Completely new release where all NotesHound applications are Win32 applications.
* Removed all Notes client versions of the applications. (Element Library remains a stand-alone Notes database).
* Removed all installation files from NotesHound databases, considerably reducing database sizes.
* Created a new, stand-alone, installation program to install all files.
Databases as well as other files.
* Introducing right-click options on Notes database icons to load NotesHound Win32 applications. A world first.
* Introducing Toolbar icons for quick access to NotesHound Win32 applications.
* NotesHound proprietary File-Database-Open used everywhere, for easy access to templates.

I love these tools and the NotesHound team are just stellar folks. They are always responsive and open to suggestions. $500 will save you loads of time ... the View Selection Formula Editor is worth it's weight in gold in my opinion. Being able to change every view in a database with a single Find and Replace action is just amazing. I highly recommend NotesHound ... and if you are going to use the tool, make sure you upgrade to Notes/Domino 7.0.3. It fixes a whole slew of DXL issues that drive folks batty in 7.0.2.



noteshound 6 tools.png