One of my father’s legacies ... Department 56 Overload

June 28 2011

The immediate impact of my father's death is days away from being officially complete. The estate sale is over, the house is being cleaned, and the entire family has returned home. As many of you know, I drove a rental truck back from Orlando with help. Why? there were a few personal items that I wanted. A chest my dad bought in San Francisco that matches mine. Artwork he collected and many family items from up to six generations of Head's and the other families. But what filled most of the truck was the entire Department 56 collection that he had picked up over the years. He loved the Christmas and Halloween houses. He loved them so much he made his own landscaping for them. How much was his love (i.e. addiction)? In the realm of 250 houses. Here is what the houses look like loaded into a storage locker in Chicago:

Image:One of my father’s legacies ... Department 56 Overload

I will be keeping a few of my favorites, but there are way too many to be kept and loved as much as my father did. So they are going to be sold. The reason for bringing them to Chicago was it was decided that selling them to a collector or on Ebay would bring far more money than at an estate sale. Anyone guess what is going to take up much of my time - and many others - this year? :-)

I look at that picture and laugh and remind myself how I loved my Dad. But seriously, could he not have just collected something smaller? Like belt buckles? LOL

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  1. 1) LongLiveLotus says:

    John, followed this series of posts and kudos to you for them. Could you explain what Department 56 is please for your 'foreign' readers?

  2. 2) John Head says:

    check this out { Link }

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