PSC helps Plymouth Tube with Notes - Domino Migration

August 31 2005

After winning the Best Competitive Win Lotus Award for moving Holland Company from Exchange to Notes/Domino, PSC has another great story this year. This press release is from our official web site, but the story is so good I wanted to highlight it here.

PSC Group, LLC., winner in the Best Lotus Competitive Win category for the Eleventh Annual IBM Lotus Awards, hits a home run with another competitive win and successful implementation at Plymouth Tube of Warrenville, IL.  After a thorough RFQ process, Plymouth Tube selected the PSC Group to manage the deployment, migration, and installation of Lotus Notes - Domino 6.5 to the entire Plymouth organization.

"We were very pleased with the performance of the PSC Group," said Lance Foust, Plymouth's Director of MIS.  "It was their deep background in Lotus that helped us successfully make this critical move."

Working with the Plymouth IT staff, an architecture, implementation, and migration plan were developed by PSC to achieve the maximum business benefit with a minimum of distraction and downtime.  On the technical front, PSC established an internal Domino environment to handle all internal mail and applications, providing access to external users, as well as instant messaging and web-conferencing.  Because of PSC's skill and years of experience in this space, the technical side of the implementation was completed with relative ease.  The fact that the migration went so smoothly was particularly noteworthy since Plymouth was coming off of an older, non-supported version of GroupWise.  The jump to a new way of messaging was not insignificant.

Donald VanPelt, Plymouth's President, commented that "the up front effort of our IT staff and PSC truly paid off.  All of the planning, preparation and professionalism made the implementation go better than we ever expected."

The migration, which took place over 8 weeks and across 7 geographic locations, could not have gone smoother. Because the implementation created such a significant change, both PSC and representatives from Plymouth's IT staff visited each site, implemented the software, and conducted local training.

In order to gain rapid user adoption and ensure success, PSC employed a low-key training approach that helped users understand and embrace their new collaborative environment.  Every user was involved from the President on down.  The training sessions were kept at a fairly high level and were engineered to expose features that would really engage the users.

In the end, the best measure of a successful project was provided by one of the General Managers several weeks after the implementation: " I'd just like to take a moment to convey my thanks and appreciation for how the email software transition took place.  In my experience, I've never seen a more thorough and professional software change.  Usually something like this is met with problems, problems, and more problems.  My thanks to all who made this happen in such a professional manner.  This greatly lifts my confidence in the upcoming significant software changes that we must go through."

A formal case study is in the works.

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